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Controllers & Verification Systems

Hot melt and liquid adhesive pattern controls and hot melt verification systems manage and monitor adhesive application; intuitive systems simplify installation, programming and product changeovers. Pattern control and adhesive verification systems can be used individually or as combination systems. Pattern controls handle single and multiple pattern applications, and program memory retains programs for future recall. Verification systems are available for numerous parameters, including presence and placement of hot or cold adhesive; skewed or missing substrates; and bar and pharmaceutical codes.

Learn how Nordson pattern controllers, temperature controllers, verification systemsflow meters & controllers and remote metering systems can help your production operate more efficiently. Nordson also offers a wide variety of sensors and readers for in-line, real-time detection and verification.

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Accubar™ Bar Code Verifier

Accubar™ Bar Code Verifier Validate symbol accuracy in line for production efficiency and quality control

Concert™ Series Flow Controllers

Concert™ Series Flow Controllers Easy monitoring and control of material delivery improves production efficiency and product quality

Concert™ Series Temperature Controllers

Concert™ Series Temperature Controllers Temperature controllers increase application capacity and flexibility for improved equipment utilization

EcoBead ™ Inspect Pattern Generation and Verification

EcoBead ™ Inspect Pattern Generation and Verification Reach continuous improvement goals through adhesive savings and reduced waste. Economical and easy to use, the EcoBead Inspect lets you dispense short, intermittent bead patterns and verify the…

EcoBead™ Pattern Generator

EcoBead™ Pattern Generator Dispense short intermittent adhesive beads in place of longer beads for optimized adhesive savings

LA 302 Pressure Control

LA 302 Pressure Control Maintain adhesive flow for pneumatic guns across the full machine speed range in converting applications

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems Distance-based pattern controller with easy operation and production flexibility for converting applications

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System Pattern control and verification systems provide in-line, real-time quality control

Optistroke™ Needle Stroke Detection System

Optistroke™ Needle Stroke Detection System Monitor applicator valve needle stroke to assure adhesive placement in demanding manufacturing

Sensors & Readers

Sensors & Readers Detect and verify a wide variety of adhesive, substrate and code parameters for packaging and folding carton production as well as converting operations

Spectra™ Control Systems

Spectra™ Control Systems Next-generation pattern control systems provide accurate, reliable, efficient pattern control to packaging and paperboard converting applications

TruFlow™ Meter

TruFlow™ Meter Accurate monitoring of material flow rates for information gathering and production adjustment for critical applications

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