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WM 801 Series Electric Guns

High-cycling electric guns maximize flexibility and performance in high-speed contact and non-contact applications for bag and sack, envelope, folding carton, cigarette manufacturing, high-end corrugatedpackaging and product assembly.

  • Improve product quality with clean, accurate cutoff in intermittent applications via single-piece armature assembly.
  • Handle a wide range of adhesive types and viscosities with efficient armature/coil design.
  • Reduce service time with easy disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
  • Install quickly and easily using minimal space.
  • Lower operating costs and reduce module maintenance by eliminating use of compressed air and dynamic seals.
  • Minimize downtime with durable corrosion-resistant and stainless steel parts.

WM 801-Q Electric Gun
  • Enhance deposition flexibility with quick changeover to contact nozzles and pattern plates or non-contact bead nozzles in numerous sizes and orifice diameters.
  • Reduce changeover time with pivoting, removable mounting plate on gun bracket.

WM 801-S Electric Gun
  • The patented slide plate provides customers with a high degree of flexibility and potentially faster set-up times during format changes.
  • The slide plate can be equipped with configurable contact pattern plates as well as various slot nozzles.