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PatternJet™ Plus Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators

PatternJet applicators deliver precise, consistent adhesive placement and clean cut-off in high-speed, intermittent spray applications, leading to cost savings through less adhesive waste, cleaner operations and less maintenance. These versatile hot melt applicators also feature a flexible design that allows for custom configuration and speeds changeovers for cost-efficient production flexibility.

PatternJet Plus applicators feature:
  • Exceptionally clean, precise and consistent patterns to reduce adhesive waste and adhesive stringing

  • Fast response times with integrated module and applicator body

  • Reduced maintenance due to clean, precise adhesive control between patterns

  • Numerous spray processes to meet individual product needs and maximize productivity

  • Quick-change cordsets with integral heater and sensor to minimize downtime

  • Easier nozzle and filter replacement to improve safety and reduce downtime

  • Snuff-back actuators to support increased line speeds and clean pattern cutoff for improved product quality and reduced maintenance

  • Precision nozzles that apply the same amount of adhesive each application for cost-efficient, clean operation