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Duet™ Dual Dispense Applicator

Duet applicators deliver different add-on rates in elastic attachment applications for nonwoven disposable hygiene product manufacturing, heavier at the ends for high bond strength and a lighter stabilizing bond in the center to retain retractive force. Adhesive use is optimized while producing a high-performance elastic attachment.

  • Produce high-quality, high-performance elastic features: high bond strength at strand ends and lower add-on in the center for better retractive force.

  • Optimize adhesive use with dual module dispensing.

  • Minimize production downtime and simplify maintenance with long-life modules and quick-change components.

  • Use with Nordson high-performance Allegro and SureWrap nozzles for elastic attachment.

  • Facilitate installation and application flexibility due to applicator’s narrow profile and small footprint.