Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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Nordson’s adhesive dispensing equipment delivers efficient, versatile hot melt and liquid adhesive application and verification to a wide range of consumer and industrial product manufacturing environments. Whether simple or sophisticated, most applications can optimize adhesive use and improve bonding and sealing performance with Nordson adhesive dispensing equipment, applicators and replacement parts.

Accessories, Auxiliary Equipment & Parts

Nordson's Melter Flushing Service Kit contains everything needed to flush and clean melter tanks

Genuine Nordson parts and service kits support routine maintenance and maintain hot melt systems at optimum performance helping reduce costs and extend equipment life


MiniBlue® II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

Nordson electric or pneumatic, contact or non-contact applicators for accurate, repeatable adhesive application support flexible pattern dispensing and reliable operation

Bulk Delivery Systems

VersaDrum bulk melters for hot melt adhesives, sealants or butyls in drums

Durable design provides efficient processing of material directly from drums or pails. A variety of pumps, motors and platens can be selected to meet specific requirements.

Control, Measurement & Verification Systems

Spectra control systems feature accurate adhesive control combined with intuitive diagnostics Pattern controls simplify precise, repeatable adhesive application and production flexibility, while verification systems validate a range of parameters in-line, real-time

Dispense Robots

Nordson Unity systems for heated and ambient material dispensing for electronics Automated adhesive application as part of an individual work cell or a production line for accurate hot melt dispensing with excellent repeatability for increased production efficiency

Extruders - Adhesive

EEX extruders simplify homogeneous melting of hot melt granules Efficiently process a wide range of materials, including hot melt adhesives and thermoplastics, for homogenous melting with virtually maintenance free operation and production flexibility

Filling Systems

ProBlue Fullfill automated integrated refilling maintains ideal adhesive levels Uninterrupted adhesive supply prevents thermal shock and adhesive degradation; these automated refill systems save operator time as well as reduce equipment downtime.


Nordson's Saturn in-line filters trap contaminants that can affect adhesive performance Available in straight, 45- and 90-degree configurations to accommodate installation and accessibility, filters trap contaminants that can affect pattern and bond performance.

Foaming Processing Systems

Foaming adhesives or sealants can improve material properties while reducing material consumption up to 50 Foaming adhesives or sealants can improve material properties while reducing material consumption up to 50%

Hoses - Hot Melt & Liquid Adhesive

Blue Series™ hoses with RediFlex™ II mounting system for adhesive application and dispensing Durability and performance reduce manufacturing costs and production downtime to support reliable adhesive dispensing

Jet Dispensers

Unity dispensing systems for heated and ambient material dispensing for electronics Unity PURJet technology easily dispenses into 0.5 mm grooves and other challenging geometries without the need to constantly adjust the Z plane


Freedom integrated hot melt dispensing system delivers a strong return on investment and reduces packaging costs Tank, tankless and bulk adhesive melters offer precise adhesive application with easy-access components and tanks, and graphic operator interfaces for ease-of-use

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