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Corrugated Board

Nordson BetterBoard solutions help reduce waste, save money and deliver more efficient application processes. Nordson corrugated solutions deliver total flexibility via top-down or bottom-up gluing and drive or operator side mounting as well as contact and non-contact adhesive application. A specially-designed bracket provides easy installation and fast product changeover.

Adobe PDF BetterBoard Corrugated Box Manufacturing Brochure
YouTube BetterBoard Solutions for Corrugated Board Manufacturing Video

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LA 302 Pressure Control

LA 302 Pressure Control Maintain adhesive flow for pneumatic guns across the full machine speed range in converting applications

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems Distance-based pattern controller with easy operation and production flexibility for converting applications

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators Contact or non-contact adhesive application in continuous or intermittent production with fast-cycle times and clean cutoff

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators High-speed, rapid-cycling performance provide consistent, high-quality bond strength

LA100-C Level Detection System Kits

LA100-C Level Detection System Kits Efficient, uninterrupted delivery of liquid adhesives from pressure tanks and pump systems

Liquid Adhesive Hoses

Liquid Adhesive Hoses Efficiently transport cold adhesive from pumps to pressure regulators, pump filters and guns.

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System Pattern control and verification systems provide in-line, real-time quality control

Piston and Diaphragm Pumps

Piston and Diaphragm Pumps Reliable operation and mounting flexibility provide flexibility for a wide range of production requirements

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators Pressure regulators maintain accurate adhesive flow and consistent pattern performance

Pressurized Containers

Pressurized Containers Provide cold glue/liquid adhesive delivery with a range of filling capacities

Sensors & Readers

Sensors & Readers Detect and verify a wide variety of adhesive, substrate and code parameters for packaging and folding carton production as well as converting operations

Spectra™ Control Systems

Spectra™ Control Systems Next-generation pattern control systems provide accurate, reliable, efficient pattern control to packaging and paperboard converting applications

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