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Siftproof/Tamper Evident/Braille

Nordson sift-proof systems prevent the escape of product, while protecting the package against contamination from foreign particles, insects or moisture. Hot melt adhesive bonds to the carton stock and fill gaps to produce high-integrity barrier seals, eliminating the need for costly over-wraps or bags. SureSeal™ non-contact guns with flexible pattern controls can be utilized for a variety of carton shapes and sizes containing products such as sugar, cereal, pet foods, powdered milk, soap powder, dry chemicals and agricultural goods.

An adhesive dispensing system composed of two special three module Nordson® electric guns, a specially developed electronic Braille code pattern controller and a ProBlue® adhesive melter will provide the precise multiple dot placement required to achieve optimal Braille coding of pharmaceutical and other packaging.

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AltaBlue™ TT Melters

AltaBlue™ TT Melters Visual and graphical controls provide easy operation and maintenance™ Electric Guns™ Electric Guns All-electric guns provide precise, high-speed dot placement with quiet operation and a long service life in a compact size

ProBlue® ATS Melters

ProBlue® ATS Melters Combine simple operation with an adhesive tracking system (ATS) to maximize uptime, optimize adhesive consumption and improve production efficiency

ProBlue® Flex Melter with BBconn Controls

ProBlue® Flex Melter with BBconn Controls The ProBlue Flex melter from Nordson is advanced technology that adapts to any operation with ease and simplicity. Depending on your unique circumstances, you can choose from factory options direct…

ProBlue® Melters

ProBlue® Melters Reliable piston-pump technology delivers unmatched performance and simple daily operation

SureSeal™ Non-Contact Sift-Proof Gun

SureSeal™ Non-Contact Sift-Proof Gun Provides high-integrity barrier seals that eliminate product loss caused by granular products sifting and dusting through seams and openings at carton corners

VarioCoat™ Liquid Adhesive Applicators

VarioCoat™ Liquid Adhesive Applicators Flexible liquid adhesive application for continuous or intermittent dispensing

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