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Nordson hot melt adhesive labeling systems are superior alternatives to open-wheel pot labeling systems. Whether you apply cut and stack labels or high-speed roll-fed labels, Nordson label application equipment delivers precise amounts of adhesive accurately and consistently.

Non-contact label application machines can apply spiral-shaped swirls, mini swirls or mini dots to labels, containers and cross seams/lap seams. Slot guns can be used to apply precise ribbon, stacked bars or stripes to cross seams.

Closed adhesive label applicators prevent adhesive from being exposed to open air, debris, contamination and degradation. The result is better process control, efficiency and material utilization while minimizing maintenance, clean up, adhesive waste and reject products.

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AltaBlue™ TT Melters

AltaBlue™ TT Melters Visual and graphical controls provide easy operation and maintenance

Control Coat® QE Applicators

Control Coat® QE Applicators Non-contact material delivery improves manufacturing and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene articles™ Electric Guns™ Electric Guns All-electric guns provide precise, high-speed dot placement with quiet operation and a long service life in a compact size

EM-100 Series Electric Guns

EM-100 Series Electric Guns Compact size, precise pattern control and consistent sealing in packaging applications

PatternJet™ Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

PatternJet™ Hot Melt Dispensing Guns Ideal for high-speed lines requiring flexible patterns and precision deposition

PatternJet™ Plus Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators

PatternJet™ Plus Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators PatternJet applicators deliver precise, consistent adhesive placement and clean cut-off in high-speed for intermittent spray applications

PureFlow™ Hoses with RediFlex™ II Mounting System

PureFlow™ Hoses with RediFlex™ II Mounting System  PureFlow hoses reduce the effects of adhesive and fluid degradation, such as charring, curing, discoloration and odor.

Spectra™ Control Systems

Spectra™ Control Systems Next-generation pattern control systems provide accurate, reliable, efficient pattern control to packaging and paperboard converting applications

TrueCoat™ Slot Applicators

TrueCoat™ Slot Applicators Compact installation and simplified maintenance for continuous or intermittent coating

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