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Hygiene and Medical Disposable


Nordson’s vast experience with nonwoven product production makes us uniquely qualified to support high-speed converting of rolled goods for disposable hygiene products, including baby diapers, adult incontinence or feminine care products. Nordson application systems precisely deliver a wide variety of materials such as hot melt adhesives, lotions, perfumes and specialty materials, such as waxes. The material application process and equipment greatly influence production costs, product quality and performance, and manufacturing efficiency. Nordson’s extensive array of application solutions meet the needs of most any disposable hygienemedical disposable or nonwoven lamination manufacturer.

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VersaBlue® XC Series Melters

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

For high-consumption disposable hygiene applications that require precise, dependable adhesive delivery

VersaBlue® XN Series Melters

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Up to two melt tanks to dispense different adhesives in disposable hygiene applications

Universalâ„¢ Applicators

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Support numerous spray technologies for efficient production flexibility

Universalâ„¢ Summitâ„¢ Nozzles

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Superior control of hot melt fiber size, density and pattern width for high bond strength at low add-on rates

Nonwovens Frontal Tape Application Advisory

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

In-line adhesive dispensing for frontal tape attachment offers production efficiencies

Spray Nozzles

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

A variety of Nordson spray nozzles provide flexible pattern development and improve manufacturing efficiency

Nonwovens Core Stabilization Application Report

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Effectively stabilize absorbent cores while retaining desired "garment-like" attributes

Nonwovens Trends Newsletter Issue 1 2015

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Industry and Nordson-specific news and information for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturers

Saturn® In-Line Filter

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Filters for installation between adhesive hose and gun to trap contaminants in disposable inside-out filter

TruFlow Meters Data Sheet

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Accurate monitoring of material flow rates for information gathering and production adjustment for critical applications

Dispensing Capabilities for Nonwovens Product Manufacturing Brochure

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Optimized material handling, processing, dispensing and control maximize product quality and production efficiency

Nonwovens Lotion Application Report

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Efficient handling of additives such as lotion is becoming more common in disposable hygiene product manufacturing

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