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The medical industry uses nonwovens products as a sterile solution to reduce infections; not only does the structure of nonwoven material provide a protective barrier but protection can be enhanced by an antimicrobial surface treatment. A wide range of surgical, medical and long-term healthcare products utilize nonwoven materials including:  surgical gowns & coverings, bed pads, and dressings and wound care. Surgical/medical garments must be well-fitted, lightweight and allow for freedom of movement. Use of precise Nordson material dispensing systems supports the stretch, hand and thinner/lighter substrates to meet the industry needs. 

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GP200 Remote Metering Station

GP200 Remote Metering Station Increase delivery points and improve hot melt adhesive add-on precision

Optistroke™ Needle Stroke Detection System

Optistroke™ Needle Stroke Detection System Monitor applicator valve needle stroke to assure adhesive placement in demanding manufacturing

PS Metering Station

PS Metering Station Maintain system pressure for high viscosity materials and add adhesive streams to existing melters

Speed-Coat® Slot Applicators

Speed-Coat® Slot Applicators Intermittent and continuous coating with precise cutoff and accurate cross-web distribution

Trio™ Variable Dispense Slot Applicator

Trio™ Variable Dispense Slot Applicator Single production pass delivers multiple materials at varying add-on weights for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

TruFlow™ Meter

TruFlow™ Meter Accurate monitoring of material flow rates for information gathering and production adjustment for critical applications

Universal™ Applicators

Universal™ Applicators Support numerous spray technologies for efficient production flexibility

Universal™ CF® Nozzles

Universal™ CF® Nozzles Produce high bond strengths with low add-on rates for high-quality nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles Improve product quality and increase pattern flexibility for hot melts on nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles Fine-line adhesive beads and strong bonds at low add-on rates.  

Universal™ Modules

Universal™ Modules Hot melt adhesive UM modules and Speed-Coat® modules for accurate, reliable dispensing

Universal™ Signature™ Spray Nozzles

Universal™ Signature™ Spray Nozzles Produce dense, random patterns with enhanced feel and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene products

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