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The medical industry uses nonwovens products as a sterile solution to reduce infections; not only does the structure of nonwoven material provide a protective barrier but protection can be enhanced by an antimicrobial surface treatment. A wide range of surgical, medical and long-term healthcare products utilize nonwoven materials including:  surgical gowns & coverings, bed pads, and dressings and wound care. Surgical/medical garments must be well-fitted, lightweight and allow for freedom of movement. Use of precise Nordson material dispensing systems supports the stretch, hand and thinner/lighter substrates to meet the industry needs. 

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Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment

Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment Precise adhesive application for high-speed elastic attachment in nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

AltaBlue™ Touch Series Melters

AltaBlue™ Touch Series Melters Optional, integrated pressure & flow monitoring and control for demanding applications such as nonwovens

AltaSlot™ Applicators

AltaSlot™ Applicators Continuous or intermittent hot melt adhesive application for variety of applications including disposable hygiene

AltaSpray™ Plus Applicators

AltaSpray™ Plus Applicators Production efficiency and reduced cost for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing processes

Concert™ Series Flow Controllers

Concert™ Series Flow Controllers Easy monitoring and control of material delivery improves production efficiency and product quality

Concert™ Series Temperature Controllers

Concert™ Series Temperature Controllers Temperature controllers increase application capacity and flexibility for improved equipment utilization

Control Coat® QE Applicators

Control Coat® QE Applicators Non-contact material delivery improves manufacturing and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene articles

Control Stitch Nozzles

Control Stitch Nozzles A fine-stitch pattern delivers high bond strength for nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Duet™ Dual Dispense Applicator

Duet™ Dual Dispense Applicator Optimize adhesive use and improve performance for elastic attachment applications in nonwovens disposable hygiene products

EZ Coat Slot Applicators

EZ Coat Slot Applicators Reliable application for low- to mid-speed adhesive bonding processesContinuous or intermittent hot melt adhesive application for variety of applications including disposable hygiene

EZ Melt Melter

EZ Melt Melter Easy, reliable material delivery for low- to mid-speed bonding processes

EZ Spray™ Nozzles

EZ Spray™ Nozzles Precise, consistent adhesive delivery at low- to-mid production speeds  

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