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Cable Manufacturing

Nordson field-proven dispensing systems help manufacturers efficiently produce high-quality wire and cable products. Complete system packages are available to apply hot melt and cold adhesives; butyl, mastic and two-component materials; petroleum jellies; talc and superabsorbent powders; liquid lubricants; and UV curable materials.

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DuraDrum® Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraDrum® Bulk Melters (Heated) Simply, efficiently process hot melt materials, protecting adhesive integrity and providing production flexibility

DuraPail® Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraPail® Bulk Melters (Heated) Bulk material processing with simple operation and low maintenance offers production flexibility

ECC 702 Cable Coating System

ECC 702 Cable Coating System Precise control to fluidize and charge powders for high-quality, thorough cable coating

VersaDrum™ Bulk Melters (Heated)

VersaDrum™ Bulk Melters (Heated) Drum melters protect bonding characteristics and prevent thermal stress in adhesives, sealants and butyls

VersaPail® Bulk Melters (Heated)

VersaPail® Bulk Melters (Heated) Pail melters protect adhesive, sealant and butyl bonding integrity for precise, demanding applications 

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