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Verification & Detection Systems

Detect and verify hot melt and cold adhesive placement and volume even for short runs and complex patterns, as well as additional verification features to enhance on-line quality assurance. Code readers verify the accuracy of bar codes and pharma codes among numerous other code types.

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Verification & Detection Sensors and Readers

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Offer on-line, real-time process and product quality control

Control, Measurement & Verification Systems

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Pattern controls simplify precise, repeatable adhesive application and production flexibility, while verification systems validate a range of parameters in-line, real-time

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Pattern control and verification systems provide in-line, real-time quality control

Sensors & Readers

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Detect and verify a wide variety of adhesive, substrate and code parameters for packaging and folding carton production as well as converting operations

Paper & Poly Bag & Sack Manufacturing Brochure

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Hot melt and liquid adhesive dispensing equipment for paper or poly bag and sack manufacturing

Accubar™ Bar Code Verifier

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Validate symbol accuracy in line for production efficiency and quality control

Folding Carton

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Flexible, easily-adjustable hot melt and liquid adhesive application and verification

BetterBook Commercial Binding Solutions Brochure

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson offers a wide range of spine and side gluing adhesive dispensing systems for commercial bookbinders who are using multi-clamp binders. These systems promote hot melt polyurethane (PUR)…

BetterFold Folding Carton Manufacturing Solutions Brochure

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Cold glue and hot melt adhesive dispensing systems provide clean cutoff and process efficiency

New Nordson Dual-Sensor GD 500 Improves Glue Volume Monitoring in Corrugated Applications - News Release

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson GD 500 Glue Sensor for Corrugated Applications

LA100-C Level Detection System Kits

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Efficient, uninterrupted delivery of liquid adhesives from pressure tanks and pump systems

CBC 5100 Color Barcode Reader Technical Data Sheet

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Color bar code reader validates a variety of color bar codes in real-time

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