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Hot Melt Spray Nozzles

A wide variety of Nordson hot melt spray nozzles meet whatever adhesive pattern application is required, particularly in nonwovens construction and elastic attachment applications. Nordson adhesive spray nozzles apply uniform hot melt coverage with consistent placement and clean cutoff. Our adhesive spray nozzles deliver reliable hot melt adhesive application that increases product quality and manufacturing productivity.

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Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment

Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment Precise adhesive application for high-speed elastic attachment in nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

AltaSpray™ Plus Applicators

AltaSpray™ Plus Applicators Production efficiency and reduced cost for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing processes

Control Stitch Nozzles

Control Stitch Nozzles A fine-stitch pattern delivers high bond strength for nonwovens disposable hygiene products

EZ Spray™ Nozzles

EZ Spray™ Nozzles Precise, consistent adhesive delivery at low- to-mid production speeds  

Universal™ Applicators

Universal™ Applicators Support numerous spray technologies for efficient production flexibility

Universal™ CF® Nozzles

Universal™ CF® Nozzles Produce high bond strengths with low add-on rates for high-quality nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles Improve product quality and increase pattern flexibility for hot melts on nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles Fine-line adhesive beads and strong bonds at low add-on rates.  

Universal™ Modules

Universal™ Modules Hot melt adhesive UM modules and Speed-Coat® modules for accurate, reliable dispensing

Universal™ Signature™ Spray Nozzles

Universal™ Signature™ Spray Nozzles Produce dense, random patterns with enhanced feel and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ Speed-Coat® Applicators

Universal™ Speed-Coat® Applicators Enhance product performance and operating efficiency in demanding high-speed, intermittent applications

Universal™ Summit™ Nozzles

Universal™ Summit™ Nozzles Superior control of hot melt fiber size, density and pattern width for high bond strength at low add-on rates

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