Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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Metered Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Applicators

Metered adhesive dispensing applicators provide accurate adhesive placement while optimizing adhesive utilization and minimizing material costs. Adhesive metering systems are well-suited for many production environments. Plus, metered hot melt applicators offer flexibility along with durability.

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AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators

AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators Reliable, accurate dispensing for high performance material application

ProMeter® VDK Module

ProMeter® VDK Module Compact gear metering precisely controls application of hot melt silicones, butyls and adhesives

Universal™ Slice Applicator

Universal™ Slice Applicator Metering add-on technology for adhesive dispensing flexibility with optimized adhesive consumption

Universal™ TruFlow Applicators

Universal™ TruFlow Applicators Improved add-on precision and production flexibility for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

VDK Midi Applicator

VDK Midi Applicator Provide precision and control for dynamic robot applications

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