Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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Bead Dispensing Nozzles

Saturn nozzles feature color-coded rings to indicate orifice and engagement sizes Easily identifiable and changeable precision adhesive nozzles simplify dispensing and production flexibility

Bulk Delivery Systems

VersaDrum bulk melters for hot melt adhesives, sealants or butyls in drums Nordson bulk melters efficiently process hot melt adhesives, sealants or butyls from pails or drums

Electric Applicators

Nordson compact guns for precise hot melt adhesive dispensing at high speeds Electric hot melt adhesive applicators deliver accurate, precision dispensing of dots or beads


EEX extruders simplify homogeneous melting of hot melt granules Application flexibility for a range of processing temperatures and pressures


Nordson's Saturn in-line filters trap contaminants that can affect adhesive performance Trap contaminants that can affect pattern and bond performance

Flow Controls

Concert Series Material Flow Controllers with Temperature Control Enable material flow monitoring and control to improve dispensing consistency

Handheld Applicators

AD handheld applicators for manual adhesive dispensing Ambient and heated adhesive handguns can be configured for vertical or horizontal applications

Jetting Applicators

Unity dispensing systems for heated and ambient material dispensing for electronics Precise, non-contact dispensing of materials

Liquid Adhesive Applicators

LA 825 series adhesive guns for intermittent, high-speed use Liquid adhesive applicators provide precise, repeatable cold glue dispensing

Liquid Adhesive Equipment

LA 825 series adhesive guns for intermittent, high-speed use Precise, repeatable cold glue dispensing for packaging and paperboard converting

Maintenance and Cleaning

Nordson's Melter Flushing Service Kit contains everything needed to flush and clean melter tanks Optimize performance and extend the life of your system

Metering Applicators

Universal TruFlow applicators meter hot melt adhesive for precise add on Optimize adhesive utilization and precision dispensing with Nordson metering applicators

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