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Nordson RediFlex™ Hot Melt Hoses with Integrated Mounts Extend Hose Life and Reduce Operating Costs


Duluth, Georgia

RediFlex hot melt hoses from Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) have been improved to incorporate integrated mounts that prevent the most common causes of premature hose failure, reducing downtime, frequency of replacement and parts costs for users of hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment.

The mounting devices, spaced at 24-inch (61 cm) intervals, help prevent damage caused by compression and sharp bends that can result in hot spots and electrical short circuiting.

Hoses can be easily routed and kept off of manufacturing plant floors where they are subject to damage from traffic.  The mounts provide a simple and safe alternative to the use of plastic tie-wraps, which are often pulled too tightly and cause damage to the electrical components and wiring within heated hoses.

Correct routing and mounting helps maintain consistent temperature for improved adhesive performance, less adhesive charring, fewer clogged dispensing applicator nozzles and reduced downtime. 

Made of durable Ryton® polyphenylene sulfide, the hose mounts withstand demanding manufacturing plant conditions.  

For more information on RediFlex hot melt hoses, contact Nordson Corporation at (800) 683-2314 or visit 

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