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Company Report – Bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH/Nordson Deutschland GmbH at Interpack 2017

03 May 2017

Lübeck, Germany

*Note: This article originally appeared in PackReport for Interpack 2017. To read the original, click here.

New carton erector with the latest adhesive technology

The VA 1415 carton erector from Bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH, exhibited as a new product at FachPack 2016, has now matured to the point of series production. A visit to the plant at the beginning of this year provided an opportunity to inspect the first machine. The system, which was just about to be delivered at that time, features modern adhesive technology in particular. The company decided to use the innovative ProBlue Liberty tankless hot melt application system from Nordson.

The most significant feature of the new adhesive technology is the absence of a conventional tank system. The core of the system is the melt section, which functions essentially like an instantaneous water heater. The reservoir has a reduced volume and only the amount of adhesive actually needed is kept at processing temperature. Melting only what is actually required allows for significantly shorter heating up and flow-through times, thereby providing significant savings in energy costs. According to the manufacturer, intervals have been reduced from 90 to 30 minutes.

The ProBlue Liberty series includes models 7 and 14, the first of which is installed on the Bedo carton erector presented here. As indicated by its type designation, the melting device achieves a capacity of seven kilograms per hour. An integrated sensor monitors the fill level and reports when adhesive is required. The granulate is supplied automatically from a 120-litre adhesive storage container.

The system is used for gluing the base flaps of cartons that have previously been erected. This is done with the aid of a MiniBlue II series dual-module applicator. The dispensing guns of this series, introduced a few years ago, won the German Packaging Prize. Dubbed the "non-stop sprinter", they have now become the industry standard. They are equipped with a ball-and-seat module and operate with a minimum switching time of two milliseconds. Depending on what type of hot melt is used, a service life of more than 100 million switching cycles can be achieved.

A secure enclosed system

A fundamental advantage of the ProBlue Liberty system is its enclosed nature, which prevents dirt, dust and other accumulations. Problems with cracking and clogged nozzles are largely eliminated. This is also due in part to the high-quality adhesive that is used. All standard commercial hot melts in granulate form can be used.

Also worth noting is the increased workplace safety ensured by the innovative application system. Because hot melt is now supplied automatically instead of manually, the risk of burn injuries – unavoidable with conventional tank devices – is completely eliminated. Overfilling and spilling of the adhesive are also eliminated.

Integration into the parent machine PLC

To make the use of ProBlue Liberty systems even more efficient and user friendly – not least for the purposes of "Industry 4.0" / IoT – Nordson has recently begun offering special PMI software (Parent Machine Integration) which greatly facilitates the integration of the melter into the control unit of the relevant parent machine. Especially the time spent for PLC programming can be reduced and very often limited to less than one day.

Starter kits, which are also available for the proven ProBlue systems and can be downloaded at no cost, can be integrated into various HMI systems and make it possible to create a customised, intuitive control panel including the melter. Nearly all the data of the melter can be adjusted and evaluated.

Medium output range

As Tobias Kundt, manager of the development department at Bedo, emphasises the PMI option will first be integrated into an additional VA 1415 and tested so that it can also be used in other machine types. The Hanseatic machine manufacturer, founded in 1967, is a long-time customer of the American adhesive specialist with European headquarters in Erkrath, Germany.

Nordson's ProBlue Liberty hot melt application system is not the only special feature of the new carton erector, which covers the medium output range from 20 to 25 cartons per minute. Especially worth mentioning is the erecting section, where the blanks are unfolded by being "raised". The machine is designed for a format range between 150 x 100 x 80 mm and 400 x 300 x 400 mm (L x W x H), and changeovers can be handled in short order. Because there is no format management, customers are able to set up a new carton format by themselves.

High production depth

As a medium-sized company with about 60 employees and roughly 8.5 million euros in annual sales, Bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH specializes in solutions configured for individual customer needs for the end of the processing line. Great flexibility is ensured not least by the considerable production depth due to in-house production of parts. For example, the company recently invested in two mechanical processing centers. Two new sheet metal working plants are planned for the summer of this year.

In addition to carton erectors and sealers, the product range also includes top and side loaders as well as tray and wrap-around loaders, not to mention automatic cover sealers, volume reducers and product handling systems. Customers come from many different areas of the food industry as well as the non-food sector, also including booming online trade.

Text: Bernd Neumann
Photos: Kimberly Wittlieb