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Industrial Applications

Discover industrial manufacturing solutions to support your business

What problem are you trying to solve? Whether it’s related to dispensing, coating, or laminating, bonding, sealing, or extruding, lubricating, testing, or most other manufacturing processes, Nordson's engineering expertise can help. We manufacture solutions for industrial applications, including fluid management systems and precision industrial dispensing equipment. Through our products and knowledge we can help meet your most demanding challenges, improve your productivity and reduce your costs. Browse our industrial products by application below, or use our faceted search function to find the industrial manufacturing solutions you need faster.

Filling Delivering and Potting

Filling Delivering and Potting Valves, dispensers, metering systems, cartridges and related products for filling and delivering adhesives, coatings and other materials. 

Fluid Coating

Coating - Fluid

Achieve high precision coating when applying low-viscosity coating materials with Nordson slot coating systems and related products. 

Fluid Control Connecting

Fluid Control Connecting Engineered plastic connectors, fittings, adapters, valves, stopcocks, luers and more for all your medical and general purpose fluid management application needs.



Nordson foam technology combines inert gas with adhesives and sealants to reduce their volume and weight, improving material performance and reducing costs.  SureFoam, FoamMelt...


Gasketing Valves, applicators, dispensers and accessories for high quality gasketing - from precision electronics applications to large scale industrial and automotive applications.

Gluing - Hot Melt Adhesive

Gluing - Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment and application expertise for hot melt adhesives and glues in packaging, nonwovens and general product assembly processes.  ProBlue, AltaBlue, Freedom...

Gluing - Liquid Adhesive

Gluing - Liquid Adhesive Valves, applicators, syringes, dispensers and accessories for applying ambient temperature liquid adhesives in a wide range of industrial, electronics and related industries.

Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

Coating - Hot Melt Adhesive Be it paper, textiles, plastics, foils, nonwovens or other materials, Nordson technology enables you to manufacture adhesive coated materials with excellent edge and coating weight control.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding Overview of melt stream components for injection molding processes. Screws, barrels, screen changers, valves, pumps.


Jetting Jetting enables precision material dispensing without contacting the substrate, as fluid is ejected at high speed out of a valve or nozzle rather than pushed slowly through a needle.  Jetting…


Laminating Overview of applicators, valves, dies and accessories for intermittent and continuous lamination in disposable hygiene and other industrial applications.


Lubricating Valves, controllers, robots and accessories for low to high volume lubrication applications in a variety of industrial and electronics industries. Nordson EFD, more...

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