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Encapsulating Technology

Explore the latest encapsulation machines and equipment from Nordson

Electronics manufacturers depend on encapsulation equipment for precise dispensing and coating applications. Nordson is dedicated to providing manufacturers with the latest in encapsulation technology to help enhance accuracy and decrease dispense time. With digital gauge fluid reservoirs and pressure boosters, you’ll be able to maintain consistent control over fluid movement regardless of viscosity. Our tip seals, valves, laser sensors, High-Resolution Monocle Vision Package and other dispensing equipment allows you to apply encapsulant quickly and expertly without waste for more efficient manufacturing. Browse our full offering of encapsulation machines, parts and control systems to find what you need.

 Highlighted encapsulation equipment solutions include:

Nordson ASYMTEK precision automated fluid dispensing equipment for electronics and related applications typically involving lower volumes of materials  

Nordson EFD fluid dispensing systems, valves, cartridges, syringes and related equipment for electronics, medical and industrial applications typically involving lower volumes of materials  
Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT dispensing valves and related equipment for general industrial, automotive, electronics and other applications, especially for higher material volumes.

To learn more about how Nordson’s encapsulation technology can improve your manufacturing process, contact us today.

Fluid Pressure Booster

Fluid Pressure Booster Nordson EFD Fluid Pressure Booster is designed to help move thick materials from a tank or cartridge to an EFD precision valve by boosting dispense pressure up to 100 bar.

Nordson EFD

Fluidmove Software

Fluidmove Software Nordson ASYMTEK's Fluidmove® software enables users to gain unparalleled control of their dispensing processes with incredible functionality and flexibility, all within an easy-to-use interface


Helios SD-960 Large Volume Fluid Dispensing System

Helios SD-960 Large Volume Fluid Dispensing System The Helios™ SD-960 Series is developed for medium to large volume dispensing applications in Electronics Assembly, including Thermal Interface Material (TIM), Potting, Gasketing and Sealing.


High Resolution Monocle Vision Package (MVP)

High Resolution Monocle Vision Package (MVP) Nordson ASYMTEK's Monocle™ Vision Package (MVP) offers larger fields of view with higher resolution images that produce better targeting for accurate and consistent dot placement


Jet - DispenseJet DJ-9500 Jet

Jet - DispenseJet DJ-9500 Jet Nordson ASYMTEK's industry-proven DispenseJet® DJ-9500 high-speed jet is used globally in electronics packaging and assembly with thousands used in production


Jet - IntelliJet Jetting System with ReadiSet Jet Cartridge

Jet - IntelliJet Jetting System with ReadiSet Jet Cartridge Nordson ASYMTEK's IntelliJet® Jetting System is a cutting-edge, piezo-driven jet with the ReadiSet® Jet Cartridge, designed for small dots and high frequency for advanced dispensing applications


Jet - NexJet NJ-8 Jetting System with ReadiSet Jet Cartridge

Jet - NexJet NJ-8 Jetting System with ReadiSet Jet Cartridge Nordson ASYMTEK's NexJet® 8 Jetting System is a next generation pneumatic jet actuator combined with the easy-to-use and cost-effective ReadiSet® Jet Cartridges for superior production performance


Meter Series XYZ Tabletop Robot

Meter Series XYZ Tabletop Robot Meter Series XYZ Robot - a simple automated dispensing system that brings repeatability and precision to desktop applications, and features the metering system directly mounted on the robot, to…


Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor

Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor Nordson ASYMTEK's CCD Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor provides high-speed dispense height measurement for components that may be compromised by tactile sensing


Optimum Cartridges

Optimum Cartridges Molded from proprietary FDA- and RoHS-compliant polymer, Optimum® cartridges provide exceptional clarity, chemical compatibility, impact strength, and dimensional stability.

Nordson EFD

Optimum Syringe Barrels

Optimum Syringe Barrels Optimum® syringe barrels feature ZeroDraft™ walls with consistent internal diameters that maintain an airtight seal with pistons to ensure accurate, consistent fluid deposits. 

Nordson EFD

Performus™ Dispensers

Performus™ Dispensers Reliable benchtop fluid dispensing control for general applications.

Nordson EFD

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