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Encapsulating Technology

Explore the latest encapsulation machines and equipment from Nordson

Electronics manufacturers depend on encapsulation equipment for precise dispensing and coating applications. Nordson is dedicated to providing manufacturers with the latest in encapsulation technology to help enhance accuracy and decrease dispense time. With digital gauge fluid reservoirs and pressure boosters, you’ll be able to maintain consistent control over fluid movement regardless of viscosity. Our tip seals, valves, laser sensors, High-Resolution Monocle Vision Package and other dispensing equipment allows you to apply encapsulant quickly and expertly without waste for more efficient manufacturing. Browse our full offering of encapsulation machines, parts and control systems to find what you need.

 Highlighted encapsulation equipment solutions include:

Nordson ASYMTEK precision automated fluid dispensing equipment for electronics and related applications typically involving lower volumes of materials  

Nordson EFD fluid dispensing systems, valves, cartridges, syringes and related equipment for electronics, medical and industrial applications typically involving lower volumes of materials  
Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT dispensing valves and related equipment for general industrial, automotive, electronics and other applications, especially for higher material volumes.

To learn more about how Nordson’s encapsulation technology can improve your manufacturing process, contact us today.

2K Disposable Square Turbo™ Mixers

2K Disposable Square Turbo™ Mixers Shorter than comparable spiral mixers, Nordson EFD’s square Turbo Mixers allow users to get closer to their application while reducing adhesive waste.

Nordson EFD

2K In-Line Metal Mixers

2K In-Line Metal Mixers Nordson EFD in-line metal mixers’ housings and elements are made primarily of stainless steel. This makes them ideal for high-pressure applications and easy to clean and reuse.

Nordson EFD

2K In-Line Plastic Mixers

2K In-Line Plastic Mixers Ideal for one-use fluid dispensing, Nordson EFD’s disposable static mixers eliminate the need to worry about premature curing of materials. 

Nordson EFD

2K Mixer Accessories

2K Mixer Accessories Nordson EFD offers 2K mixer accessories for a variety of industrial mixing applications.

Nordson EFD

2K Series 400 Autovalve

2K Series 400 Autovalve The Series 400 is a reliable and durable pneumatic meter mix autovalve built with PTFE seals that reduce maintenance in the shut-off area.

Nordson EFD

2K Series 450 Autovalve

2K Series 450 Autovalve The Series 450 meter mix autovalve features shut-off pistons, which provide precise control of dot or shot volume. Adjust its seals without disassembly of the valve body for added convenience.

Nordson EFD

2K Series 550 LP and 560 HP Manual Dispense Valves

2K Series 550 LP and 560 HP Manual Dispense Valves Intended for low pressure and high pressure meter mix applications, the inexpensive Series 550 LP and 560 HP manual valves are ideal for dispensing beads or RTM casting.

Nordson EFD

2K Series 600 High Flow Manual Dispense Valve

2K Series 600 High Flow Manual Dispense Valve The Series 600 meter mix valve is designed to take full advantage of our Series 162A disposable mixers’ high flow mixing capacity.

Nordson EFD

2K Side x Side Cartridges

2K Side x Side Cartridges Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, competitively-priced Side x Side cartridges for packaging and dispensing two-component materials used in automotive, construction,…

Nordson EFD

2-Part Material Mixers

2-Part Material Mixers Best-in-class disposable mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of 2-part materials


2-Station XYZ Robot Dispensing Cell

2-Station XYZ Robot Dispensing Cell Provides the ability to apply adhesive to two different parts with two different beads paths. Also maximizes the production rate for identical parts. Within each dispensing program, the adhesive or…


396 1-Part No-Drip Series

396 1-Part No-Drip Series Single ball and seat, piston actuated fluid control valve for 1-part materials


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