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Industrial Controls

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Manufacturing companies rely on control systems to keep their assembly lines running smoothly. At Nordson, we offer a broad range of industrial controls to help manufacturing companies meet their production goals. Our valves, sprayers and dispensing equipment help you accurately manage the application of coatings and adhesives, while our temperature controls allow for precise heating, curing and drying. Browse sensors, readers and other control systems that will help you detect and verify set parameters so each step in your process can be monitored and easily adjusted in real time. Nordson verification and quality control machines are designed to ensure your products meet the highest standards. Contact us to learn more about our manufacturing control systems today.

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System Nordson’s iTrax® System incorporates spray monitoring, timing control and spray pressure control of the can manufacturing line into one integrated system.

Industrial Coating Systems

iTrax® Pressure Control (PRx) Module

iTrax® Pressure Control (PRx) Module The iTrax® Pressure Control module (PRx) provides a programmable recipe capability for automatic spray pressure adjustment, plus monitoring of spin speed, lacquer temperature and can-in-pocket for…

Industrial Coating Systems

iTrax® Spray Controller (SC) Module

iTrax® Spray Controller (SC) Module The iTrax® Spray Control (SC) Module provides precise, accurate timing controls and power electronics for operating Nordson MEG-type spray guns on your container manufacturing line.

Industrial Coating Systems

iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System

iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System The iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) module provides automatic, real-time process monitoring of critical operating parameters during can coating operations.

Industrial Coating Systems

LA 302 Pressure Control

LA 302 Pressure Control Maintain adhesive flow for pneumatic guns across the full machine speed range in converting applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems Distance-based pattern controller with easy operation and production flexibility for converting applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Liquidyn® V200 Valve Controllers

Liquidyn® V200 Valve Controllers The multi-functional Liquidyn® V200 controller provides safe, easy operation of the Liquidyn P-Jet, Liquidyn P-Dot and Liquidyn P-Jet SolderPlus jet valves and greater control over dispensing…

Nordson EFD

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System

LogiComm® Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System Pattern control and verification systems provide in-line, real-time quality control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

NC-1 Driver

NC-1 Driver The Nordson NC-1 Driver is a stand-alone, single channel gun driver that can be used for two- or three-piece container spray applications using Nordson MEG-type spray guns.

Industrial Coating Systems

OptiBond™ Nonwovens Solutions

OptiBond™ Nonwovens Solutions Nordson variation management solutions help optimize material dispensing to improve product quality & production efficiency, and reduce waste

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Original BaitGun®

Original BaitGun® The original BaitGun® System is the preferred choice for the application of paste and gel baits. The BaitGun provides total application control in both for precise deposits and crack and crevice fill.

Nordson EFD

PICO® Toµch™ Controllers

PICO® Toµch™ Controllers The PICO Toµch controller’s intuitive touchscreen interface greatly simplifies setup and operation of the PICO Pµlse valve, while allowing precise adjustment of valve parameters.

Nordson EFD

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