Tier One Glass and Sunroof

Nordson systems provide a comprehensive approach to material application for glass bonding applications.

Before glass can be encapsulated or adhesive applied, a glass primer is applied to the glass. Nordson offers a full range of manual and automated primer application systems. This includes the Nordson® Flow-Through-Felt system. The Flow-Through-Felt system provides a consistent, reliable application of clear and black primers. Its patented dispense applicator provides applied film builds that meet or exceed primer supplier requirements.

To dispense the actual adhesive or sealant, the Nordson Pro-Meter® G and Pro-Meter VDK positive displacement gear metering systems are a perfect choice. Both precisely meter the output of material and can vary speed in response to velocity changes in robot speed, ensuring a accurate and consistent dispensed bead.

The Nordson Ultra FoamMix® and FoamMelt® systems can be used to inject inert gas into the materials to create closed-cell foam. The material acts as an excellent seal for fixed glass applications, improving performance and reducing costs.

For lubricating rails, Nordson offers a variety of dispense valves and Rhino bulk pumps.