MEG® II Compact Spray Gun from Nordson

MEG® II Compact Spray Gun

The Nordson MEG® II compact electric gun delivers fast, accurate application of solvent borne and waterborne can lacquers to two- and three-piece cans. It provides ease in disassembling the front end of the gun, and employs safety features for flammable spray materials. The MEG® II gun is also ideal for exterior bottom-spray applications.

  • Fast response provides more open time for each spray cycle, allowing higher film weights when desired and lower operating pressures.
  • Cool operation contributes to the fast response time and minimizes film build-up inside the gun, reducing maintenance.
  • No internal metal-to-metal friction for less wear, longer service life and cooler operation.
  • Online gun-module replacement speeds maintenance.
  • Nozzle pattern adjustments can be made while the gun is spraying for fast, accurate adjustment.