iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System from Nordson

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System

The iTrax Spray Monitor and Control System provides constant, automatic monitoring of crucial operating parameters in the can spray process and precise control of spray time and gun operation.

The enhanced iTrax Spray Monitoring and Control System makes it possible to automatically monitor and control the inside spray process from one single source.

This next-generation iTrax system incorporates spray monitoring, timing control and spray pressure control in one integrated system with a PC-based graphical interface. It's a proven system for reducing rejects to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, without unwanted downtime.

This all-inclusive system offers:

  • Precise, accurate timing control and operation of all spray guns down to 1 millisecond duration with +/-.05 millisecond accuracy
  • Programmable recipe capability
  • PRx pressure control with additional spray diagnostics
  • Automatic identification of inside spray problems
  • One-touch interface for convenient and consistent operation and changeover to various can sizes
  • Ability to upgrade/retrofit existing lines

Real-time Monitoring and Control Deliver Real Results

With the iTrax system, production is optimized with real-time monitoring and control:

  • Significantly helps to reduce rejects and related line stoppages
  • Reduces material usage with precise, consistent spray performance
  • Enables savings by helping to keep manufacturing operations running smoothly and efficiently