cScan+™ Film Thickness Measuring System

The Nordson cScan+ film thickness measuring system provides automatic, non-destructive measurement of coatings used in the packaging industry.


Using the innovative, award-winning SpecMetrix®  optical sensory technology from Sensory Analytics® , the cScan+ gauge is capable of precisely measuring thicknesses ranging from 200 nanometers to 200 microns (0.01 to 8.00 mils).

  • Specifically designed for the packaging industries, including metal, glass and metal containers
  • Measures over complex geometry
  • Scalable to meet manufacturing and quality demands
  • Both inside and outside film thickness of metal cans may be measured automatically.

More Advantages of the cScan+ gauge with SpecMetrix®  technology:

  • Non-contact measurement
    Better quality with accurate, thorough measurement.
  • Process improvement through better analysis of coating distribution.
  • Improves start-up efficiency
  • Yields real-time results
  • Helps eliminate scrap and rework
  • Flexibility to accommodate different products, changing product designs

WHAT the cScan+ gauge measures:

  • Internal lacquer coatings and exterior varnish coatings on beverage and food cans
  • Applied film thickness of certain pigmented coatings used for food containers

HOW the cScan+ gauge measures:

By accurately and quickly sampling numerous data points on the entire container substrate, the cScan+ gauge creates a film thickness map.
This is useful to achieve optimum coating distribution for the container, significantly eliminating excess coating and sustaining maximum container quality.