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Solder Paste

FluxPlus™ Paste Flux

FluxPlus™ Paste Flux Formulated to work with any alloy and heating process, Nordson EFD’s FluxPlus is perfect for BGA rework, mobile device repair, reflowing solder paste, and more. 

Nordson EFD

Latex Solder Mask 1-775

Latex Solder Mask 1-775 Latex Solder Mask 1-775 is designed to protect selected areas of printed circuit boards (PCBs) during mass soldering operations.

Nordson EFD

PrintPlus® Printing Paste

PrintPlus® Printing Paste Nordson EFD’s print soldering paste is the industry leader in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) applications. Our batch-to-batch consistency helps reduce defects and eliminate the need for rework.

Nordson EFD

SolderPlus® Dispensing Paste

SolderPlus® Dispensing Paste When joints are needed but printing is not possible, Nordson EFD’s premium dispensing solder paste supports a wider array of applications with formulations created for specific uses.

Nordson EFD

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