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Extrusion and injection barrels for all your polymer processing requirements.  Also be sure to see our full range of complementary polymer products, including dies, feed blocks, gear pumps, screen changers, pelletizers and more.

For low volume, precision dispensing syringe barrels and cartridges, click here.

Extrusion Barrels

Extrusion Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic extrusion barrels are produced to the highest quality standards. Nordson offers the most innovative wear resistant packages for optimized processes, performance and quality.

Polymer Processing Systems

Injection Barrels

Injection Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic injection barrels, manufactured by the industry leader in bimetallic barrel technology, are produced to the highest quality standards. Continuously improved alloys guarantee optimum…

Polymer Processing Systems

Optimum Cartridges

Optimum Cartridges Molded from proprietary FDA- and RoHS-compliant polymer, Optimum® cartridges provide exceptional clarity, chemical compatibility, impact strength, and dimensional stability.

Nordson EFD

Optimum Syringe Barrels

Optimum Syringe Barrels Optimum® syringe barrels feature ZeroDraft™ walls with consistent internal diameters that maintain an airtight seal with pistons to ensure accurate, consistent fluid deposits. 

Nordson EFD

SmartHeat™ Coating

SmartHeat™ Coating The Xaloy SmartHeat™ Coating is an innovative heater coating where plasma is sprayed to the barrel, which virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses, ensures uniform heating and provides…

Polymer Processing Systems

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for melt pipes is a new heater coating allowing tight process control for improved product quality.

Polymer Processing Systems

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for nozzles features an innovative heater coating around the entire nozzle for increased yield and minimized downtime.              

Polymer Processing Systems

Twin Barrels

Twin Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic twin barrels meet or surpass OEM specifications on dimensions, straightness and parallelism.

Polymer Processing Systems

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