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Tape and Label Applicator Production

Melt and dispense adhesive for tape, label production and more with Nordson equipment

Our application parts and equipment are designed to improve processes for adhesive tape manufacturers. If you create tape, disposable hygiene products or labels, our applicators can help ensure the backing goes and stays where it’s needed. Our adhesive dispensers help control fluids, providing continuous, precise dispersion of materials and avoiding contamination of the adhesive with other materials. Enhance your label production, as well as other non-contact applications of adhesive materials with bulker melters, EP 11 Slot Applicators, wide-spray lamination applicators and more from Nordson.

Browse highlighted solutions for tape and label production:

A wide range of pressure-sensitive and hot melt adhesive delivery systems apply backcoating, protective overcoat, pattern printing and ultraviolet to continuous web processes. 

Fluid coating products to deposit value-added materials onto various substrates such as labels, papers, plastic films, and metal foils.  

HS-Y Discontinuous Single Piston Screen Changers

HS-Y Discontinuous Single Piston Screen Changers The BKG® HS-Y is suitable for all polyolefins and a variety of other temperature stable polymers.

Polymer Processing Systems

In-Die-Feedblock Technology

In-Die-Feedblock Technology Ideal for dedicated structures, an in-die-feedblock is an option for up to 3 layers.

Polymer Processing Systems

Injection Barrels

Injection Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic injection barrels, manufactured by the industry leader in bimetallic barrel technology, are produced to the highest quality standards. Continuously improved alloys guarantee optimum…

Polymer Processing Systems

K-SWE Continuous Double Piston Screen Changers

K-SWE Continuous Double Piston Screen Changers The BKG® K-SWE continuous piston screen changer is suitable for almost all processes and materials like compounding, film, pipe, sheet and pelletizing.

Polymer Processing Systems

Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT)

Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT) EDI® Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT) developed for film and sheet promises to extend the shelf life of retort, hot fill, and flexible packaging, while increasing the formability in…

Polymer Processing Systems

Locking Ring Valves

Locking Ring Valves The Xaloy® locking ring valve is a general purpose three-piece design valve tailored to a wide range of resins.

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-CAFR Fixed Geometry Feedblocks

MA-CAFR Fixed Geometry Feedblocks The MA-CAFR feedblock is designed to allow for easy layer sequence modifications, while optimizing layer thickness. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-CARR Adjustable Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks

MA-CARR Adjustable Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks Nordson's MA-CARR feedblock design offers processors innovative features to help increase production speed and optimize layer thickness. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-F1/F2 Fixed Geometry Feedblocks

MA-F1/F2 Fixed Geometry Feedblocks This feedblock design offers processors the option of the standard extruder connection or a customized entrance. 

Polymer Processing Systems

MA-F2FR-023-VA Specialty Feedblock

MA-F2FR-023-VA Specialty Feedblock This specialty design is ideal for processors who require a feedblock for thermally stable materials and non-glazing (non-optical) quality applications.

Polymer Processing Systems

MeltPro™ Barrier Injection Molding Screw

MeltPro™ Barrier Injection Molding Screw The Xaloy® MeltPro™ barrier screw is a high performance barrier screw with customizable properties to process crystalline and amorphous resins.

Polymer Processing Systems

Nano™ Mixer Extrusion Screw

Nano™ Mixer Extrusion Screw The Xaloy® Nano™ mixer screw combines very intensive dispersionary mixing of colorants, fillers and additives with excellent temperature control in molding or extrusion of shear-tolerant polymers.

Polymer Processing Systems

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