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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Order semiconductor fabrication equipment from Nordson

If you work in electronics, specifically in semiconductor fabrication, we can help ensure you have the tools necessary to enhance your workflow and improve your end product. With Nordson semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including bondtesters, dual dispensers and UV curing ovens, you can create packaging to protect against impact and corrosion. Additionally, our wafer processing equipment will help you find efficiencies in cleaning and etching wafers. Browse our various semiconductor manufacturing solutions, parts and equipment below to find what you need for exceptional control and reliability. Then contact us to see how we can integrate into your business. 

Nordson highlighted products and solutions for semiconductor equipment manufacturers:

Nordson ASYMTEK automated fluid dispensing equipment for advanced semiconductor manufacturing packaging - flip chips, 3D packages, wafer-level packages, PoPs and SiPs.

Nordson MARCH plasma treatment solutions for cleaning, wire bond improvement, descum, bump adhesion, stripping and etching during semiconductor manufacturing.
Nordson DAGE x-ray inspection and bondtesting equipment and Nordson YESTECH automated optical inspection AOI solutions.

Nordson EFD semi-automated dispense systems, syringes and tips.

UV curing equipment for semiconductor fabrication.  

CoolWave 306 System

CoolWave 306 System The microwave-powered CoolWave 306 system provides improved flexibility and easy maintenance for industrial curing applications.

Industrial Coating Systems

C-Prime with touchscreen

C-Prime with touchscreen C-Prime Desktop System for Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking, handles the product in a fixed position, with an optional fixture, size up to 300 x 200 mm.

Nordson DIMA

C-Quence - Automated in-line solution system

C-Quence - Automated in-line solution system With C-Quence™ Nordson DIMA offers innovative automated and integrated in-line solutions for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating and/or Heat Staking applications.  

Nordson DIMA

C-Slide with touchscreen

C-Slide with touchscreen C-Slide Desktop System for Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking, handles the product in a pneumatic slide of two or three positions (max. 150 mm stroke), with…

Nordson DIMA

C-Tack with touchscreen

C-Tack with touchscreen C-Tack Desktop System for ACF Laminating, also called Pre-Tacking or Pre-Bonding. 

Nordson DIMA

C-Turn with touchscreen

C-Turn with touchscreen C-Turn Desktop System for Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking, handles the product in pneumatic turning unit with a diameter of 410 mm, with a fixture size up…

Nordson DIMA


C-TurnFlux The C-TurnFlux is the topline product for automated Flux Dispensing in combination with automated Hot Bar Reflow Soldering. An ultimate system for high end applications, where output and quality…

Nordson DIMA

Custom Tips

Nordson EFD designs and manufactures custom dispense tips to meet challenging or unique application requirements.

Nordson EFD

Digital Gauge Fluid Reservoirs

Digital Gauge Fluid Reservoirs Our Precision Regulator/Digital Gauge tank reservoirs offer exceptional full-to-empty fluid pressure control.

Nordson EFD

Dispenser Accessories

Dispenser Accessories Nordson EFD benchtop fluid dispenser accessories are designed to improve your manufacturing process. They provide more control when dispensing precise amounts of medium- to high-viscosity fluids.

Nordson EFD

Dual-Action Dispensing

Dual-Action Dispensing Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Action Dispensing enables dispensing of two fluids with a combination of jets and valves operating independently


Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing Two jets, pumps or valves can cut dispense time in half with Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing


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