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Electronics Assembly and Packaging Equipment

Find Bondtesters, auger valves and other electronics manufacturing equipment at Nordson

Electronics assembly and packaging requires precise dispensing of materials. At Nordson, we understand the needs of those in electronics manufacturing and have years of experience providing bondtesters, dual dispensers with valves that cut time in half, fluid regulators, pelletizers and more that help you create a more accurate and efficient process. Browse through our electronics assembly and packaging equipment or search for the exact parts you need. Then contact us to learn how we can enhance your electronics manufacturing.

Nordson highlighted products and solutions for electronics manufacturing include:

Nordson ASYMTEK: Automated precision fluid dispensers and selective conformal coating systems in PCB and related electronics assembly processes.

Nordson MARCH: Plasma treatment systems for surface preparation in PCB and related electronics manufacturing processes.

Nordson DAGE and Nordson YESTECH: X-ray inspection, bondtesting, and automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment. 

Nordson EFD: Operator-controlled, microprocessor-based dispensers for benchtop assembly processes and solder paste formulations for the most stringent application requirements.

Nordson hot melt and related adhesive systems: Solutions for plastic bonding, electronics assembly, gasketing, hot melt molding, encapsulating and shielding applications. 

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Electronics - Assembly & Packaging

Polymer Processing Systems

Electronics - Assembly and Packaging

Nordson DIMA

There is no industry that influences every other business like the electronic component industry.


Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Systems increase productivity and quality of electronic assembly, gasketing, molding, encapsulating and shielding applications

Electronics - Assembly & Packaging

Nordson DAGE

Nordson DAGE bondtesters are widely used for precision destructive and non-destructive testing of components and assemblies.  Both manual and fully automatic testing solutions provide highest…

Precise, high-throughput underfill dispense in chip-on-wafer packaging


H. Liang (IMAPS Device Packaging 2017)

IMAPS Device Packaging 2019


Nordson ASYMTEK presenting on underfill dispensing for chip-on-wafer and high-throughput jetting in micro-device packaging at iMAPS Device Packaging Conference.

Dispensing Systems - Adhesives and Sealants

Nordson Corporation

Overview of dispense systems for hot melt adhesives and ambient temperature 1 part and 2 part adhesives, sealants and other materials.  

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