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BKG® Master-Line™ with Belt Filter

The BKG Master-Line™ with Belt Filter water filtration system is an enhancement of our widely-popular Master-Line™ Underwater Pelletizing System. The Master-Line™ with Belt Filter offers the addition of a continuous belt filtration system for our BKG Master-Line™ 1000 & 2000 models. It is an economic, automated, self-cleaning tempered water system which minimizes operator intervention and maximizes productivity and uptime.

The BKG Master-Line™ with belt filter is suitable for compounding, masterbatch, and recycling applications as well as for brittle materials which can generate a high degree of fines.

  • ‚‚High level of automation, reduced operator intervention
  • ‚‚Master-Line™ can be upgraded to the automatic Belt Filter
  • ‚‚Fine filtration at 150μm
  • ‚‚Compact footprint
  • ‚‚Automatic water filtration at an economical price


  • ‚‚Continuously rotating filter belt
  • ‚‚Self-cleaning of the filter belt with scraper and spray nozzles
  • ‚‚Additional safety filter (filter cassette drawer)
  • ‚‚Modular design
  • ‚‚Completely skid-mounted
  • ‚‚Dual door dryer access for easy cleaning