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BKG® BlueFlow™ Masterbatch Pumps Type GPE/MB

The patented BKG® BlueFlow™ gear pump type GPE / MB is suitable for sensitive plastics and processes that require frequent product changes. The MB version allows to discharge the lubrication flow out of the gear pump, and therefore out of the process, giving you the power to control the purging of your process when necessary. 


  • Lubrication flow can be discharged to the outside during the material change by means of a pair of manual valves. The valves are designed so that they not only lock the recirculation channels in this bypass position but also clean the recirculation channels by flushing the material in them; eliminating “black specks“ (Patented BKG system)
  • Raw materials savings due to fast color changeovers
  • Minimizes the product rejects by reducing the time between color changes
  • Reduced self-cleaning time during color or material changes, thus minimizing contamination 
    and material waste
  • Increased throughput due to reduced cleaning time
  • Suitable for residence time critical or thermally sensitive polymers, such as, PC or PMMA
  • Suitable for optical applications

Type: GPE / MB
Application: - Sensitive plastics, e.g. PC, PMMA
- Frequent changes of color and product
Feature: Removal of the bearing lubrication flow
Optional: Forced leakage possible