Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® BlueFlow™ Discharge / Extrusion Pumps Type GPA

BKG® blueFlow™ gear pump type GPA is mainly designed for the discharge of low viscosity melts, such as, adhesives or polyamides out of reactor vessels or mixing and storage tanks. Additionally, they are used for low viscous materials in extrusion processes.


  • Discharge pumps designed specifically for low viscosity melts
  • Pump inlet optimized to maximize filling performance through various channel geometries
  • Drive-side threaded shaft seal with stuffing box packing leads to reduced operating costs
  • Borings for pressure and temperature sensors integrated in the pump housing provides enhanced process diagnostic capabilities
  • Optimized operating clearances to process polymers with a low viscosity



Type: GPA
Application: For the discharge of low to medium viscous melts from reactor vessels and tanks
Feature: - Process-specific connection geometry
- Special sealing system
Optional: Liquid tempered