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Gear Pumps

Nordson´s BKG® gear pumps can optimize your process so your extrusion line achieves the highest possible quality and throughput. The Nordson BKG product line cover all components from gear pumps to optimally designed gear box motors to pump controls.

Discharge / Extrusion Pumps Type GPA

Discharge / Extrusion Pumps Type GPA The BKG discharge / extrusion pump type GPA is used for the discharge of low and medium viscosity melts out of reactor vessels or tanks.

Extrusion Pumps Type GPE/GPX

Extrusion Pumps Type GPE/GPX The BKG extrusion pump type GPE / GPX is suitable for almost all standard plastics.

High Pressure Gear Pumps

High Pressure Gear Pumps The BKG® high pressure gear pump is a positive displacement device which provides a linear output over a wide range of operating conditions.

Masterbatch Pumps Type GPE/MB

Masterbatch Pumps Type GPE/MB The BKG masterbatch pump type GPE/MB is suitable for sensitive plastics.

Pump Control PumpCon

Pump Control PumpCon The BKG PumpCon gear pump control regulates and controls the gear pump and upstream extruder.

Pump Control PumpCon Economy

Pump Control PumpCon Economy The BKG PumpCon gear pump economy control is a compact solution for controlling an extrusion pump in a new line or for retrofitting into an existing one.

Standard Gear Pumps

Standard Gear Pumps BKG® gear pumps types MSDP / MJEP are used in extrusion, compoun-ding and polymerization processes.

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