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EDI® Cast Film Dies

Whether your specific cast film product requires the uniquely shaped Contour® die, an EDI MO100 Maxiflow™ 8 die, or a multi-manifold die, Nordson will work to provide an innovative solution to meet your needs. 


  • Achieve optimal product quality with customized manifolds designed specifically for your production requirements
  • Reduce material usage and easily changeover products through a variety of available product features, including automatic or manual adjustments and deckling
  • Spend less time purging and changing colors between product runs due to streamlined diminishing volume flow channel of a Contour® die
  • Reduce resin costs by precisely controlling the gauge profile
  • Improve cross-directional product uniformity by up to 25% and reduce gel formation
  • Reduce downtime for routine maintenance with ancillary equipment designed for added safety and convenience during 'split and clean' procedures



  • Autoflex™ automatic or manual gauge control 
  • Multi-manifold or single cavity coextrusion dies
  • Contour® design as proven option for thermally sensitive materials or processors with frequent rate changes
  • Unequaled construction and flow surface design
  • Variety of finish and plating techniques availableCastFilmMaxiflow8Die
  • Unique heating and insulation package
  • Optional deckle systems
  • Easily adaptable to interface with new or existing equipment
  • Full System Solution: EDI Dual Chamber Vacuum Boxes, EDI Ultraflow™ Coextrusion Feedblocks, and EDI UltraSplit™ On-line Die Separation Devices