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Xaloy Bimetallic Twin, Extrusion, & Injection Barrels

Polymer Processing System’s Xaloy® bimetallic, twin, extrusion, and injection barrels that meet the requirements for wear and corrosion resistance.

Extrusion Barrels

Extrusion Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic extrusion barrels are produced to the highest quality standards. Nordson offers the most innovative wear resistant packages for optimized processes, performance and quality.

Injection Barrels

Injection Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic injection barrels, manufactured by the industry leader in bimetallic barrel technology, are produced to the highest quality standards. Continuously improved alloys guarantee optimum…

SmartHeat™ Coating

SmartHeat™ Coating The Xaloy SmartHeat™ Coating is an innovative heater coating where plasma is sprayed to the barrel, which virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses, ensures uniform heating and provides…

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for melt pipes is a new heater coating allowing tight process control for improved product quality.

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for nozzles features an innovative heater coating around the entire nozzle for increased yield and minimized downtime.              

Twin Barrels

Twin Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic twin barrels meet or surpass OEM specifications on dimensions, straightness and parallelism.

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