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Motorized valve assembly for extrusion coating automatically regulates back pressure for optical processing

04 Jan 2017 - Polymer Processing Systems

New PolyStream™ assembly from Nordson is a hands-free system that uses closed-loop control to maintain back pressure within a desired range for coating and laminating

Switching screens with new cost-effective manual screen changers is easier, with operators exerting only 50% of the usual force

15 Dec 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR Screen Changers from Nordson Provide Cost Advantages of Manual Units and Are Easily Retrofitted in U.S. or Metric Systems

Nordson appoints GAEP as its distributor in the Middle East for Pelletizers and Melt Delivery Systems

08 Dec 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation has appointed Gulf Application Engineering and Packaging (GAEP) to represent the BKG® range of products in the Middle East.

New Gear Pumps Operate More Efficiently, Improve Product Quality And Are Available For All Applications Worldwide

01 Nov 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® BlueFlow™ Range Harmonizes Technologies First Developed in Germany and the USA and Incorporates Enhancements for All Polymer and Hot Melt Processes

Pelletizer Expert Damon Patton Joins Nordson as Application Engineer For BKG® Brand of Underwater Systems

07 Oct 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation has appointed Damon Patton as application engineer for pelletizing systems in the Americas.

New Nanoparticle Coating for Plasticating Screws Has Greater Wear Resistance Than Standard Thermal-Spray Tungsten Carbide

03 Oct 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson’s Xaloy® MPX™ Technology for Single and Twin Screws Provides Improved Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance, with 61% Less Mass Loss in Abrasion Tests

New Feedblock Fine-Tunes Each Layer And Balances Velocities Of Combining Melt Streams, Yielding Stable Coextruded Structures

27 Sep 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

EDI™ Ultraflow™ V-T Feedblock from Nordson Is Adjustable On-Line and Is Available with Larger than Usual Channel Widths to Reduce Shear Stress and Interfacial Instability

Automatically Self-Cleaning Screen Changer Has New, More Streamlined and Compact Design and Cleans More Efficiently

02 Sep 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G with Power Backflush Technology Keeps Flow and Pressure Constant, Even While Removing Heavy Contaminants.

Nordson Appoints Merritt H. Christian as Market Development Manager in The Americas for Pelletizers

18 Aug 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Merritt H. Christian has joined Nordson Corporation as market development manager for pelletizing systems.

Fundamentally New Filtration System for Highly Contaminated Plastics Boosts Recycling Productivity and Minimized Melt Loss

15 Aug 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Automatic Self-Cleaning BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250 System from Nordson Maintains Constant Melt Pressure and Uses a Filter Element with a Long Working Life

Nordson Aligns All Melt Delivery Systems Under the BKG® Product Brand Name and Will Expand Operations in Muenster, Germany

08 Aug 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

German Facility Will House Sales, Engineering, Production, and Aftermarket Services for BKG® Pelletizers, Melt Filtration Systems, Gear Pumps, and Valves

Much Greater Lip-adjusting 'Stroke' of New-generation Autoflex Gauge Profiler for EDI™ Dies Broadens Scope for Automation

01 Aug 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson’s Industry-Workhorse System for Automatic Gauge Control of Film and Coating Is Now Also Smaller, Lighter, and Easier to Access for Maintenance

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