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Die With Innovative Gauge Adjuster Lets Sheet Extrusion Leader King Plastic Maintain Its Strict Standards While Boosting Output

28 Jun 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson’s SmartGap™ Mechanism Makes Possible Job Changes and Thickness Tuning with Minimal Downtime or Operator Intervention and No Compromise in Quality  

Nordson Appoints Dr. Thomas Ebeling as Director of Engineering and Operations for Extrusion and Coating Dies

21 Jun 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Dr. Ebeling will be in charge of the engineering and production teams for EDI™ extrusion and polymer coating dies and Premier™ fluid coating dies. 

Nordson Extrusion Expert Dennis Paradise Receives SPE Extrusion Division´s Jack Barney Award for Contributions to Sheet Industry

20 Jun 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Award Was Named for the Founder of EDI, Now a Nordson Brand, and Honors Achievements of Value to the Industry as a Whole

Ravinder Kumar Joins Nordson as Assistant Customer Service Manager in India for Melt Delivery and Pelletizing Products

23 May 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

He will be responsible for technical support of BKG® underwater pelletizing systems; Kreyenborg melt filtration equipment, pumps, and valves; and Xaloy® screws and barrels.  

Nordson Appoints Markus Neuhaus as a Regional Sales Manager in Germany for Melt Delivery Systems

10 May 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

He will be responsible for sales of Xaloy® screws and barrels and Kreyenborg and Xaloy® melt filtration systems, pumps, and valves.

Complete Screw and Barrel Package for Retrofit on Standard Injection Molding Machines is Specially Designed to Process LSR

13 Apr 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Xaloy® LSR Package from Nordson Includes All Components for Controlled Mixing and Metering of Liquid Thermoset Rubber Ingredients and Resistance to Corrosion or Wear

Flow Control and Versatility of Coextrusion Die System Enhances PET Packaging Firm´s Capabilities for Multiple Barrier Structures

17 Feb 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson EDI Die System Enables Evertis de México to Maintain Tight Tolerances and Avoid Instability Even When Running Complex or Asymmetrical Configurations 

Nordson Promotes Ken Forden to Position of General Manager for Extrusion and Coating Dies

09 Feb 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Mr. Forden will have worldwide responsibility for the EDI™, Verbruggen™, and Premier™ product brands. Andrei Stapinoiu, previously the global director of this business, has been promoted to the…

Nordson Appoints Sam Ryu to Be Sales Manager in South Korea for Melt Delivery and Pelletizing Systems

01 Feb 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Mr. Ryu will be responsible for sales of screen changers, gear pumps, and valves offered by Nordson under the Kreyenborg™ and Xaloy® brands, and underwater pelletizers under the BKG® brand. 

Nordson Will Install 16 of Its Energy-Saving CrystallCut® Pelletizing Systems at a New Mega-Scale PET Plant in China

25 Jan 2016 - Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation will supply sixteen of its process-patented BKG® brand CrystallCut® pelletizing systems for a mega-scale PET resin plant scheduled for startup this year by Jiangyin Chengold…

Nordson Pelletizing and Crystallizing System Plays Central Role at Lotte Chemical´s World-Scale PET Resin Plant in England

10 Dec 2015 - Polymer Processing Systems

New On-Site Video Shows Nordson’s Energy-Saving BKG® CrystallCut System in Operation, along with Kreyenborg™ POLY Screen Changer for Continuous Melt Throughput

New Website Provides First Comprehensive Online Source for Nordson Range of Melt Stream Components for Polymer Processing

05 Oct 2015 - Polymer Processing Systems

Global Site Highlights BKG®, EDI™, Kreyenborg, and Xaloy® Brands in Multiple Languages

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