Polymer Processing Systems

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Non Woven

Whether it is designing single components or integrating elaborate systems, Nordson has the ability to provide engineered solutions that take your Non Woven application to its maximum level of performance.

BKG® Mini Jet Cleaner

BKG® Mini Jet Cleaner The Mini Jet Cleaner is the smallest unit in the BKG® jet cleaner product line. It utilizes heat and vacuum to effect vaporization.

BKG® Pump Control PumpCon Business

BKG® Pump Control PumpCon Business The BKG® gear pump control PumpCon Business regulates and controls the gear pump and upstream extruder.

BKG® Pump Control PumpCon Economy

BKG® Pump Control PumpCon Economy The BKG® gear pump control PumpCon Economy is a compact solution for controlling an extrusion pump in a new line or for retrofitting into an existing one.

BKG® Standard Gear Pumps

BKG® Standard Gear Pumps BKG® BlueFlow™ gear pumps types MSDP / MJEP are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes.

DuraShell™ Chill Rolls

DuraShell™ Chill Rolls DuraShell™ chill rolls are designed for the best heat transfer performance in high load sheet extrusion applications.

Equatherm® Heat Transfer Rolls

Equatherm® Heat Transfer Rolls Equatherm® heat transfer rolls are designed for maximized heat transfer capacity and uniformity in low load cast film, co-extrusion, coating and laminating applications.

Extrusion Barrels

Extrusion Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic extrusion barrels are produced to the highest quality standards. Nordson offers the most innovative wear resistant packages for optimized processes, performance and quality.

JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner™

JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner™ The BKG® JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner™ is ideally suited for small to intermediate size cleaning applications.

Jet Cleaner Size Matrix

Jet Cleaner Size Matrix The most advanced cleaning method for fast and safe removal of polymer residue from metal parts is available in an array of Nordson jet cleaner sizes to meet your part cleaning requirements.

Premier™ Die Positioners

Premier™ Die Positioners A Premier™ die positioner allows you to accurately position a slot die, achieving precise coatings across a wide range of substrates.

Premier™ Fixed Lip Slot Dies

Premier™ Fixed Lip Slot Dies Premier™ fixed lip slot dies deliver precise, uniform flow to the web at a constant rate.

Premier™ Fluid Delivery Systems

Premier™ Fluid Delivery Systems Premier™ Fluid Delivery Systems are available in three standard sizes with a variety of custom configurations and optional features. 

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