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Check Valves - Double

Nordson MEDICAL's unique DCV Series bi-directional double check valve is designed to transfer clean fluid from a supply vessel to a use site.

The fluid supply vessel is connected to the valve supply port (chimney) using a luer connection or tubing. The fluid is withdrawn from the supply vessel by a syringe or other device connected to the aspiration port. When the syringe is compressed the fluid is then transferred, through the exit port, to the use site without adulterating the fluid. DCV Series bi-directional valves are produced in polycarbonate resin using a silicone diaphragm, with two available inlet ports connecting to the female luer aspiration and male luer discharge ports.

Features & Benefits

  • Bi-Directional Double Check Valve
  • No need for disconnection to fill syringe
  • Satisfies USP Class VI criteria
  • Low cracking pressure
  • Clean fluid transfer from supply to site
  • High flow rate