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BioProcessing Fittings - BioClamp

BioClamp® plastic quick-release clamps are specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories, offering full flexibility in single-use applications.

The clamps are specifically designed to work with Nordson MEDICAL's SF Series sanitary fitting Mini and Maxi flanges, related caps and gaskets, and in conjunction with OEM filters and bioprocessing bags. The clamp is lightweight and easy for technicians to install and provides for quick and convenient assembly release.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be SIP repeatedly
  • Can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134°C for 5 minutes
  • Can be subjected to 40 kiloGrays without weakening
  • Reduced distortion on polymeric components
  • More compatible with current manufacturing than steel
    • Greater flexibility in operation
    • Single-use disposal Applications
  • Bioprocessing
    • Single-use technology (SUS)
    • Drug discovery and development
    • Fluid transport
    • Pharmaceutical scale up
    • Sterile bag systems


  • Materials
    • Glass reinforced Nylon 66
  • Tubing Sizes:
    • 1/2" to 1 1/2" Max.
  • Operating Pressure:
    • 150 psig Max.
  • Cumulative Gamma Dose:
    • 40 kiloGrays USP Class VI Certified Materials

BioClamp is a registered trademark of BioPure Technology Ltd, UK. BioClamp Patents: UK Pat No: GB2361753; USA Pat No: US 6,708,377 B2; India Pat No: 199286; UK Pat No: GB2362428; USA Pat No: 10/026,215; Australian Pat No: 774546.