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OsteoXpress™ Graft Delivery Device

OsteoXpress™ Bone Graft Delivery products continue our commitment to meet the needs of specific orthopedic surgical procedures.

The OsteoXpress™ Graft Delivery Device is designed to hydrate allograft, autograft or synthetic bone graft materials and deliver to an orthopedic surgical site. This system is easy to assemble and facilitates the premixing of bone graft materials with intravenous fluids, blood, plasma concentrate, platelet rich plasma, bone marrow, and others.


  • Allows simple integration of graft material and hydration fluid
  • Unique tray with funnel for conveniently filling barrel with graft material
  • 15cc barrel allows for creation of small or large logs based on procedure


  • Patented, vented membrane releases air during hydration, eliminating air pockets and improving saturation of material
  • Female luer on distal end for simple connection to hydration syringe


  • Removable threaded cap maximizes graft utilization and allows for easy delivery of graft log
  • Large finger flanges for better grip when expressing graft

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