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OsteoPrecision Graft Delivery Device

The OsteoPrecision™ Graft Delivery Device is designed for targeted delivery of hydrated allograft, autograft, or synthetic bone graft materials to an orthopedic surgical site, while maximizing material utilization. Available in vented and non-vented configurations, all devices are 15cc. Graft materials not included.

Integrated stylet

  • Maximizes material utilization and simplifies delivery with an all-in-one configuration
  • Minimizes packaging size for easier storage

Vented and non-vented options

  • Vented Configuration:  Vents air for better saturation and hydration of materials
  • Non-Vented Configuration:  Allows for pre-filling of materials when hydration is not required

Tapered Cap and Wide Bore Cannula

  • Allows for the extrusion of high viscosity bone materials

Easy operation

  • Multiple cannula options (5cm, 10cm, 15cm) allow for delivery of graft materials to targeted surgical sites
  • Available female luer adapter connects directly with a standard syringe for easy hydration (OP vented versions only)
  • Optional hydration tube evenly distributes liquids into material for consistent hydration
  • Large finger flanges allow for a better grip and is designed for one-handed ease-of-use

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