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Other Related Medical Capabilities

While not directly part of the Nordson MEDICAL offering, the broader Nordson Corporation provides a variety of other solutions to medical and life sciences related industries. Our fluid dispensing, surface preparation, test and inspection, and plastic extrusion and injection molding technologies are key to a growing range of related applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug discovery and delivery, diagnostics, medical electronics, and ocular. By providing unmatched technological expertise and a global support system, Nordson continues to help manufacturers in this important industry develop innovative solutions while also improving the accuracy, reliability and cost-efficiency of their operations.

Nordson ASYMTEK division - highly automated precision dispensing
Medical Device Assembly
Medical Electronics
Point-of-Care Device Assembly

Nordson DAGE division - electronics test and inspection
Medical devices and medical electronic systems are key areas where reliability is paramount. For this reason the Nordson DAGE X-ray system which gives high resolution, high magnification images is an ideal tool for non-destructive inspection. 

Nordson MARCH division - plasma treatment products
Nordson MARCH's plasma treatment systems deliver superior performance, higher quality and reliability for improved bonding, increased wettability, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, lubricity and biocompatibility. It removes nano-level contaminants, introduces specific functional groups and deposits a variety of biocompatible coatings.
Cardiac Rhythm Devices
Catheters / Stents
Ocular / Ophthalmic
Filter Media
Medical Electronics
Bonding Dissimilar Materials
Microfluidics Wettability
Tack Reduction

Nordson Hotmelt Adhesive Dispensing Systems division
Adhesive Backcoating
Medical Device Manufacturing
Multiple-Layer Lamination
Surgical/Healthcare Nonwovens Assembly
Web Coating and Laminating

Nordson Polymer Processing Systems division
Products for producers of extruded films, flexible packaging, and plastic products.