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ProcessLINK Remote Control Software

ProcessLINK software adds bar code reading capabilities to the PlasmaLINK software package for Nordson MARCH's AP series and RIE-1701 plasma systems

ProcessLINK software provides all the remote control and data capture features of PlasmaLINK software, plus adds bar code reader capability including a bar code reader unit for you to connect to your PC. To enable all ProcessLINK features, the plasma system requires the expansion PLC module, connection to a PC/network as described below, and the bar code reader unit must be connected to the PC containing the ProcessLINK software via the USB connector.

PC minimum system requirements:

  • Windows® XP SP2 or greater
  • PC LAN port, 100 Mbit or greater
  • USB port: 2 or more (for software activation hardware key + bar code reader connection)
  • LAN cable, CAT 5 or 6 (crossover cable for direct connection to PC, patch cable for network connection)

ProcessLINK kit contents:

  • CD-ROM containing ProcessLINK program
  • Hardware key (USB-type) for activating the software
  • System-internal expansion PLC module (installed prior to shipment, or at customer site)
  • Bar code reader unit (USB-type)

ProcessLINK capabilities:

  • All the features and functions of the PlasmaLINK software package
  • Plus bar code reader functionality, including: registering recipes with bar code scanned
    product names, and blocking operators from selecting/starting a recipe not registered for
    the scanned product type (engineer-level override is allowed)

Applicable Nordson MARCH Plasma Systems:

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