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Surface Preparation

Surface preparation through surface activation and contamination removal by plasma processing is widely used in industries such as the electronic device assembly, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and medical device manufacturing.

Surface preparation by plasma removes the contaminants from the surface and activates the surface for various applications including improving adhesion and promoting fluid flow.

The adhesion of conformal coatings applied to PCBs and the fluid flow characteristics are improved after plasma treatment. The enhanced surface wettability that results from plasma treatment results in better adhesion of conformal coating to high performance solder mask materials and other difficult-to-adhere-to substrates.

Plasmas are highly reactive mixtures of gas species consisting of large concentrations of ions, electrons, free radicals, and other neutral species. Plasma is a proven technology, which provides an efficient, economic, environmentally friendly, and versatile technique for modifying the surface properties of materials. Plasma treatment can be used for surface activation and contamination removal without creating any hazardous by-products and without changing any bulk properties.

Surface activation is a process where surface functional groups are replaced with different atoms or chemical groups from the plasma. Surface activation of materials is achieved utilizing plasma source gases such as argon, oxygen, hydrogen, or a mixture of these gases.

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