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Nordson MARCH's Compact ModVIA Plasma System is Easily Expandable from 4 to 8 Cells to Increase Machine Capacity for Production Demands

03 May 2016 - Nordson MARCH

Performs desmear, etchback, and surface activation in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards

Nordson MARCH Research Evaluates the Effects of RF Plasma Processing Prior to Conformal Coating

02 Mar 2016 - Nordson MARCH

On Adhesion, Conformity of Coverage, and Electrical Functionality

Nordson MARCH StratoSPHERE Plasma Treatment System Expands Up to 6 Chambers for Increased Throughput and Flexibility

19 Aug 2015 - Nordson MARCH

Nordson MARCH to be exhibiting at SEMICON Taiwan booth #450

Nordson MARCH Offers Free Technical Consulting Services on Plasma Treatment at SMT Hybrid Packaging, Nuremberg, DAGE Deutschland Stand 6-314

28 Apr 2015 - Nordson MARCH

Plasma cleaning prior to wire bonding delivers a cleaner bonding surface, reducing device failures

Nordson MARCH Wins 2015 New Product Introduction Award for its FlexVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment System

10 Mar 2015 - Nordson MARCH

System provides desmear and etchback plasma treatment of flexible electronic substrates with capacity of up to 30 panels per cycle

Nordson MARCH Demonstrates FlexTRAK-CD Plasma System for Lead Frame and Strip-type Electronic Components at NEPCON Japan

12 Jan 2015 - Nordson MARCH

Nordson MARCH will be in East Hall 2, Booths 12-20

Nordson Advanced Technology K.K. Japan Moves to Larger, Customer-Focused Facility

24 Nov 2014 - Nordson MARCH

Supports Nordson ASYMTEK, Nordson DAGE, Nordson MARCH, Nordson YESTECH for applications in semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly

Nordson MARCH Presents Two Papers on Plasma Cleaning at the ECS/SMEQ Symposium, Cancun, Mexico, October 7, 2014 Session P4

01 Oct 2014 - Nordson MARCH

David Foote, Nordson MARCH global applications manager, will present at 10:40 AM and at 11:20 AM as part of the General Plasma Processes session in the Expo Center on the 1st floor, Universal 5.

Nordson MARCH introduces the FlexTRAK-S Plasma System with large capacity plasma chamber for advanced semiconductor and electronics packaging

25 Aug 2014 - Nordson MARCH

Integrates with a variety of process equipment in electronics manufacturing to offer flexibility and excellent plasma treatment

Nordson MARCH White Paper, Plasma Clean to Reduce Wire Bond Failures, Now Available Online

07 Jul 2014 - Nordson MARCH

Describes wire bond failures, their causes, and ways to eliminate them

Plasma treatment can improve conformal coating adhesion in electronics manufacturing

18 Jun 2014 - Nordson MARCH

Recent studies by Nordson MARCH reviewed the effects of plasma prior to conformal coating

Nordson MARCH Introduces New FlexVIA-Plus™ Plasma Treatment System to Process Flexible Electronic Substrates

28 May 2014 - Nordson MARCH

Adds desmear and etchback capabilities plus increased capacity of up to 30 panels per cycle

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