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Pro-Meter® VDK

Compact gear meter technology provides precise, consistent material application.

The Nordson Pro-Meter VDK dispensing module combines gear metering technology with compact size to provide unmatched precision and control in dispensing high viscosity silicones, butyls, epoxies and hot melt materials. The module is designed for use in form-in-place gasketing, bonding and sealing operations. It features:

  • Compact, wrist-mountable design allows module to be positioned close to the dispense point for accurate material control and better response time compared to pressure-fed systems.
  • Dispense control accuracy of ±1 percent.
  • Precise dispensing results in accurate bead profiles, shot weights, gasket sizes and material savings.
  • Multiple temperature and mounting configurations provide application versatility for a wide variety of heated and ambient temperature applications with a broad range of flow rates.
  • Nozzle output pressure is controlled so not affected by system pressure drops.
  • Proportional output synchronized with a control signal to match robot or line speeds.