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Pro-Meter® S Series Meter

The Pro-Meter® S Series Shot Meter robotically applies single-part automotive adhesive and sealant materials.  When “bead on the part” appearance and consistent command of bead profiles are crucial to product quality and function, our Pro-Meter S shot meter is the solution.

  • Proportional control to provide precise, repeatable deposition and efficient material usage 
  • Flow-through material porting design reduces nozzle plugging and maintenance.
  • Compact integrated design allows for point of dispense mounting of unit, resulting in superior response time to speed change commands
  • Quick-change packing cartridges facilitate easy access for on-line routine servicing and reduced maintenance costs
  • Extrude, stream or swirl capability provides flexibility 
  • Multiple meter sizes available to meet specific application volume and cycle time requirements
  • Optional integrated temperature conditioning – either 120V or 240V electrically heated units or water traced units are available