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Pro-Meter S PLC

The Nordson Pro-Meter® S PLC raises the bar in the high-speed application of sealants and adhesives with innovative features that deliver invaluable time savings and the highest quality output with exacting precision.

Features and Benefits

Unmatched Versatility: Positive rod technology is ideal for dispensing all types of materials, in all types of applications.

Unsurpassed Precision: Positive rod displacement delivers meticulous accuracy in volumetric dispensing, regardless of material type, material temperature, or material viscosity.

Industry-Leading Simplicity: Design eliminates typical wear items that run length of the cylinder, and offers visual indication of eventual packing or seal failure to minimize unforeseen problems.

Cost-Saving Durability: Nordson’s exclusive ScoreGuard®-coated rod is an innovative, trademarked surface finishing treatment that resists scratching and pitting, prolongs seal packing life, lowers frequency of service, and lowers maintenance costs.

Assured Material Quality: First-in, first-out design of fluid paths prevents material from being stuck in the meter for longer than its desired shelf life, which can allow expired material to be dispensed without the user’s knowledge.